Friday, February 18, 2011

i just want to feel belonged


when im sitting there all by myself,
trying to complete everything before leaving for home.
and sometimes i listen to their gossips 
without them knowing  there's another extra listener
they speak the same language as mine.
but why couldnt i feel belong?

just sitting there quietly and doing work.
sometimes turning my back if there is anyone who will care to smile back at me.
yes, there are!
but they still look busy with their own business.

what's wrong with me?
why cant i just be the way i used to be?
why it's so hard for me to have trust on others?
what's wrong?
i wish i could just blame the weather.
but that's totally not right!
am i homesick in my own hometown?

jln melati,
3:57 pm. 19th feb, 2011